March 2019   
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Deb Lamb

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Grady and I have been married for 28 years and have 3 sons, 2 daughter in laws, and 4 grandchildren.  We raised our family in Morton but have planted ourselves in Mackinaw the last 6 years.  I retired from Morton Buildings and Grady from Caterpillar.  Our days are filled with watching our grandchildren for their working parents, checking out garage sales, working part time at IGA and enjoying Mackinaw.  

More about Deb: 


My name is Debbie Lamb.  I am the Coordinator of Children's Ministries at MUMC. I enjoy sharing time with my husband, Grady, helping with our children and our 4 grandchildren (even though some are further away now.)  I have always known it takes a village to raise a family, because I had good people around me.

We need each other. That is why it is so important to have church and God in our lives; so we can support them in theirs.  



If you had 2 weeks of vacation, how would you spend the time?

Ideally, I would gather all my family and go to a beach/resort area.  I would get a little pampered (massage), enjoy some different foods, take a boat ride, sleep in, and watch the family ride go-carts. Everyone would get along!!!!  All expense paid too!  I know I am dreaming.



If were preparing to go to a deserted island, what would you request for your “last meal?”

First, I would not want to even think about preparing to go to a deserted island.  I am just not that adventuresome.  But, if I had no choice I think I would want my son to grill me a perfect steak and add a side of baked potato with butter and sour cream.  Let's not forget the A-1.  I better have some chocolate, too!  Not sure bugs, beetles and berries can take the place of that.


How have you seen God at work lately?

Just this week a new baby was born to my cousin's son.  I just continue to see God help families to grow and bless them with such a priceless gift. 

Also, while grocery shopping, I heard two men discussing God and how to get to heaven.  It was refreshing to see them so boldly express their love for the Lord.


What is your favorite season of the year and what family activities do you enjoy during that season?

My favorite season is Spring. Not too hot and not too cold.  Open windows and beautiful flowers. Going to the park, watching a game, taking a walk, enjoying a cookout or just sitting around the yard at night.  Throw in some garage sales, too.