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Social Media Policy


Mackinaw United Methodist Church



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Committee Responsible: Communications Team


Original policy: 8/07/2017


Administrative Council review date: 8/07/2017

SUBJECT: safety of our children and youth


POLICY: Social Media Policy

Purpose: To help facilitate safe spaces for conversation, community, and dialogue within the Mackinaw United Methodist Church on social media sites. These include accounts or websites that are managed or moderated by Mackinaw United Methodist Church Staff or volunteers. Such platforms include, but are not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, and websites managed and moderated by Communications Team.

Posts and comments that do not adhere to the following guidelines are in conflict with the mission of the Mackinaw United Methodist Church are subject to removal. Repeated violation of these policies may result in a user being blocked or removed from our platforms. Questions about this policy and its enforcement can be sent to: communications.mumc@gmail.com

General guidelines:

  • Posts should contain family-friendly content only. No post can contain content unsuitable for viewing by children. This policy prohibits cursing, posting of adult or disturbing images/videos, any text descriptions of obscene or adult acts or material, and/or any posts that include URLs linking to pages containing the aforementioned content.
  • Users should refrain from personal attacks and hate speech, including, but not limited to, attacking or calling into question the faith of an individual or group. These kinds of comments will not be allowed on any official social media or web platform.
  • Similarly, no post should contain threats or descriptive acts of violence towards other users or individuals. In the case of such post, the site administrator will record the post, consult with organizational leaders, and contact appropriate authorities about the threatening behavior.
  • Because the Mackinaw United Methodist Church is a registered non-profit organization, posts or comments should not promote products or services from which that user, or another, would personally profit.